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I'm running away to Sweden (to meet the fiance's family for the first time - wish me luck!) between the 5th to the 13th of July. I need some time to kick my own head back into touch and recover.

I doubt I'll have internet connection while I'm there (though I will try and pop into an internet cafe if I get the chance), and I seem to be the only maintainer of the group active at the moment, so things might come to a bit of a standstill with regards to post- and membership-approval.

I assure you, as soon as I get back on the 13th the first thing I'll do is try and get here and check what's happened.

Take care, my darlings! <3
Am I Getting Better?

First and Only Public Post- A Welcome


I’d like to welcome you all to this community, though it is under unpleasant circumstances. Here we will discuss our stories about our brush with suicide and that feeling of actually trying to die—past the point of “crying for help”. I created this community because I tried to find one speaking about this subject and only found one, which was closed. Because we are survivors, some of us have been ridiculed, called “selfish”, and have been alienated even more than what we felt before the action. We are here for each other because we are strong and haven’t been successful for one reason or another. The attempt may have been made recently, or years ago. Nonetheless we are all in different stages of healing and I hope this community will help all of us come to terms with what has happened in our lives to lead up to this event and hopefully avoid it getting to that point again. This community isn’t based on depression but you can certainly post if you fear that you are falling into the same patterns again and think you will make another attempt.

The opening date for the community is November 5th, 2005 for posting access. All entries need to be locked for friend’s viewing and an LJ-Cut needs to be made under all sensitive details and/ or long posts. Every entry will be monitored to ensure that nothing cruel is said, by me accidentally letting in a person out to ridicule us. By having to “accept” people to the community, it helps avoid to avoid trolls and negative energy. There may be a bit of paranoia in this, but I believe it’s for the best in order to create a safe haven for us. If you want to speak about other issues in your life and want to find relating communities, I did a bit of research and have a few listed on the Userinfo page. I want to stress that this community does not promote suicide- it encourages getting help for those destructive feelings of inadequacy to avoid it from actually being successful another time. We do not promote “cutting” or “pro- ana” because now is the time to heal, not feed into these damaging behaviors.

I will not accept any suicide letters into the queue and I will be obliged to sent it to the LJ Team instead. If you do ever feel discouraged though, you can personally e-mail me at corrugated_ankles@yahoo.ca and I can assure you I’ll write back.

The hardest thing after making an attempt is the way people act around you. Also, you do not know what to do because in many cases, the attempt is brushed off as a way to get attention and when we hear this, it can make us feel like a failure. What a person who isn’t suicidal doesn’t understand is that we weren’t rational when we acted on those thoughts. It is a desperation for a release of life that keeps boggling our minds. Nonetheless, this post has been far longer than expected and some of you may want to debate things I said or agree with them, but I want this community to be a release for us because some of us don’t have it elsewhere… unless it is in a destructive way. I highly recommend the sites I put on it Userinfo page because after reading plenty of posts and being in some of these communities, I see that it has been a great help to many people. I hope to continue that trend by creating a place where we can vent about current battles of this aftermath and communicate with each other to be a great support system.

Much love from your mod,
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