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For Those Who Have Attempted Suicide

The Aftermath

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Please join the community instead of only adding it to your friend's list. All entries are "friends only", so entries cannot be viewed by you unless you click the link to join us in our efforts to understand each other and help to heal.

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Welcome to attemptfailed, a Livejournal community designed to help you cope with life. Specifically, it is to help those of us who have already tried to commit suicide but haven't succeeded in doing so. To clarify, attempting suicide means to physically harm yourself with the intention of dying.

After an attempt, people can feel like a failure and do not know what to do. They can be alienated by society and can feel embarassed with rumors floating around about: this is another obstacle to live with. We are here to listen to your story, to give advice, and share stories of our own. All of us have survived and whether or not we are 'cured' from depression, we can give reasons to keep living and be a support system for each other because it's hard to speak with others in person about our feelings.

Many of us are in different stages of healing. Some may have the feeling of suicide, gone through medications and/ or therapy, it may be recent to some people, and some people may be on a destructive cycle where it keeps coming back. Through talking about our problems, we can maybe identify them and see that we are not alone-- though it may feel like it sometimes... or a lot.

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However, there are a few rules to abide by in order to make this community a success and a safe haven for people to express their feelings and to share their experiences of their attempt[s]:

  1. When joining the community, read the memories section with the title "Community/ Mod Updates" to see the latest community information. Some things mentioned may not be in the userinfo.

  2. Absolutely no encouraging suicide, offering to help assist with a suicide, or giving advice about "the best method". You will be banned immediately. We are here to encourage life when things seem hopeless.

  3. No preaching or belittling of a story/ reasons behind a story. You will be banned immediately.

  4. Confidentiality is a must, so if there are friends of friends in this community, respect not telling anyone else what you read because it may be embarrassing to some people.

  5. Do not post using offensive icons (such as ones that promote hate) because of the sensitive nature of this community.

  6. All posts must be "friends only" to avoid random LJ surfers coming by and ridiculing to "be cool". Long entries and triggering details  must be put under an LJ-Cut due to the sensitivity of this topic. 

  7. If a suicide attempt/threat is made, I must report it immediately to the LJ Abuse Team. It is not a punishment, but it is to ensure that your life is protected, even if you don't feel like it should be right now.

  8. No judging people; only give advice to help others. No offensive/ belittling comments.

  9. Only advertise communities related to the RECOVERY and/or support of mental illnesses. No pro- SI, pro- suicide, pro- ana, etc.

  10. I will not accept accounts with little to no activity/ friends/ communities/ profile. Only to avoid trolls. Active pseudo journals are ok. I won't reject "new" accounts right away but I'll wait to see if there is more activity so I can make the decision.

  11. Try to make sure that every post receives a comment. :)

*Please click here if an LJ friend has left a suicide note in his or her journal to learn what to do.

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We Live Everywhere

This is not a community about depression, though there is a direct link to why people feel so hopeless to try and do it in the first place. The concept behind this community is to be a help to each other because not everyone feels as if they can speak to a counsellor or a friend about the aftermath. This is an open community, meaning NO derogatory comments, especially regarding any race, sexuality, religion, political view, gender, age group, or sensitive issues (ie- abortion, rape, molestation, incest). Respect and understanding are key to warmth and acceptance.

You will need to be accepted to be in this community. I will skim over your userinfo page and/or your journal entries to make sure you aren't out to hurt people. It's just a filter to protect your innermost thoughts from the least understanding people who are out there. If your userinfo page or journal doesn't provide enough information I may ask to be added onto your journal as a friend before acceptance.

AFFILIATED WITH: original_s_i & duex_polarity

You can tell your story in whole- hold nothing back because we are here to help. But if you solely want to discuss other aspects of life, here are some other communities that can help specifically (we do not endorse communities that help feed into destruction):

depression- Depression  angels_fall- Rape & Trauma Survivors   _riotnotdiet- Eating Disorders  in_silent_decay- Abuse Survivors   panic_anxiety- Panic Attacks/ Anxiety   sobriety- Substance Addiction  o_c_d- Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder   asperger- Asperger's Syndrome  medicated_life- Living on Meds  socialanxiety- Social Anxiety  dissociatedfew- PTSD  sadsupport- Seasonal Affective Disorder  dysmorphic_bdd- Body Dysmorphic Disorder  bipolars- Bipolar  _survivors_- Surviving all Abuses  borderline- Borderline  emotional_bliss- Over- Emotional  add_adhd- ADD/ ADHD  transabusevic- Trans Abuse  inthecut_- For Cutters

If a loved one has committed suicide, suicidesupport and lost_loved_ones are the most suited support communities to join.

We will welcome you with open arms, ears to listen, and with a heart to embrace. I hope that healing will begin here and continue with you along your journey through life.

With much love from your mod, flamegirl_kitty.

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***Visit the memories section because every entry on this site is a memory to someone and only members can view the memories/ entries. It is useful because if someone comments on your entry then you can look them up to see if he or she has made an entry so you can see how the person relates to you. It gives everyone a chance to also go back and comment on old entries, offer help, offer support.

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